The Food Station

With Colombo becoming the central hub for all things in Sri Lanka, so is the food industry with a clear boom over the past few years. Colombo hosts several food courts however nothing comes close to The Food Station, a brand new food court in town.

What sets it apart is its physical setting, it's low prices and the variety of cuisines that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, something that most food courts can't boast about.

All that was left was to spread the word and The Food Station identified that it was crucial to set up a strong social media presence in order to market itself to its audiences and that's where SEVN comes in.

SEVN was called into design and manage their social media posts, carry out food photography and create print material. Over the course of three months we successfully managed to take over their (facebook) account of 700+ likes and massively increase it to 5500+ page likes. This drastic increase in follower count and engagement is also reflective on their Instagram page.

Hop in onto their social media channels and you'll find pictures of food, lots of colour, more pictures of food and simply awesomeness all around. It's a foodies dream.

This is an ongoing campaign therefore keep an eye on this space for some truly tasty updates.