Population Services Lanka

PSLanka is an NGO based in Colombo with the sole mission of encouraging citizens in Sri Lanka to lead happier and healthier lives by ensuring that family planning is made intentional and that children are born by choice and not by chance.

They achieve this by being one of the largest birth-control distributors across the island, mainly targeting the Sri Lankan mass market. Their products range from condoms to sexual-wellbeing products aimed at women such as Plan B medication.

SEVN was tasked with creating and launching social media for one of their popular line of condoms - Casanova and to also create a brand story and identity around the brand. The brief was to ensure that the brand was promoted to the mass-market whilst following a non-traditional route of marketing by creating a meaningful story around the brand to appeal to women followed by the rest of the mass-market. Since the brand is being promoted to the Sri Lankan market, we were asked to make posts multi-lingual between Sinhalese and English.

To complement the brand, SEVN was also tasked with creating videos to convey a story to the public in a radical but approachable way.

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