With global warming on the rise and plastic pollution out-of-control, Eco360 is a sustainable packaging solutions company, on a mission to transform the Sri Lankan packaging industry, by embracing earth friendly alternatives that makes a positive impact on the planet.

Having set up a recycling plant in 2014, Eco360 was created to herald the transition from single use plastics to biodegradables. Products such as bio-degradable and compostable bags, boxes, straws and cutlery are manufactured and produced by Eco360 and with prominent clientele such as Keells Super, Harpos Pizza and more, Eco360 is ushering in a new age of “greener” solutions to combat an age-old problem.

SEVN was called into refresh their social media presence to better communicate their message to the world. We were also tasked with revamping their website to educate the general public about combatting plastic waste but to also provide customers and clients with an online-ordering solution to ensure that incoming orders made for products are seamless and straight-forward.

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