Dineshkanthan Tennis School (DTS)

Dineshkanthan Tennis School is a Tennis Academy focused on bringing the best in their players have have a player set ranging from Beginners to National Champions.

DTS stands out from the crowd with Dineshkanthan, a Davis Cup holder and National player, heading the academy along with a team of coaches and trainers who are current and former national players who have committed themselves towards taking tennis in Sri Lanka to the next stage.

DTS came to SEVN asking for a revamp in their print media when it came to publicizing for their highly contested competitions and we came back by creating beautiful and visually amazing posters to promote their games as well as to ensure that the superiority of DTS is highlighted throughout. In addition to designing posters, banners and entry forms for the academy, we were also tasked with creating their academy jerseys - some specific to their tournaments.

Print Collateral

Jersey Design