Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Hello. We are SEVN Studios (aka SEVN) and we are a design agency in the business of helping and creating brands , products and experiences stand out and make a difference. We also have a strong and ambitious mission to change the world.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, let’s get down to business and that’s where you come in. We love clients, business and movements that make a difference so much that we want more of it and we would love to have you be part of that journey as well

In this role there are a few things that are important to us that you need to understand right from the start:

  • We love our clients - And they obviously love us because ultimately their success is our goal and passion. We would love for it to stay that way and you, taking up this role, need to make sure it does.
  • We want new clients - There are so many out there, most of whom need our help to navigate around their marketing and overall design. In this role, you are brilliant at helping and onboarding potential clients become new clients and transition them to becoming awesome regular clients.
  • Building relationships - Building long-term and nurturing relationships is what drives us and it’s what should drive you as well. You should be a natural when it comes to creating relationships considering that you’ll be the first in line our new clients meet with. Trustworthiness and personality should be in your blood and soul.
  • Understanding - At SEVN, we embrace diversity and naturally this means that every client that we have and would like to meet come from different backgrounds and platforms. You should be very good at understanding where our clients come from and be able to get what they exactly need and how effectively we can help them. You need to be an excellent communicator and more so a listener.

Beyond the above, there are some qualities and abilities that we expect from you:

  • You should be pro-active and self-driven. When opportunities show up, you should be capable of approaching them and engaging in dialogue making sure that it works for both the client and our team, from initial contact to hand-off.
  • You are able to look after and nurture all our business relationships both new and old.
  • You are amazing when it comes to creating proposals and presentations with or without the rest of the team.
  • You maintain a pipeline of opportunities with new and existing clients and review it constantly with the rest of the team.
  • You should be a logical and a real-world thinker, making sure that things like estimates and contracts are based on reality and they work out for everyone involved.

In terms of your experience and who you should be:

  • This role requires someone who is well versed and experienced in the area of business development and client interaction. You should possess the abilities and standards that we expect (As mentioned in bullet points above) ensuring that you aim for success and ultimate quality in everything you do.
  • You are that person who is capable of developing and maintaining a successful business development process and making it happen.
  • You should be really good with the English language when it comes to reading, speaking and writing. Your ability to communicate in Sinhala and/or Tamil or any other language is secondary but would also be an added advantage. In short you should be an excellent communicator both in writing and verbally.
  • You enjoy working with other people and value the idea of teamwork. At the same time you like to think for yourself.
  • You are very well organised and timely with a great eye for detail. After all we are a design-heavy agency where details matter.

And what should I expect of  SEVN in terms of this role?

You will be working remotely but you should be flexible enough to come meet and work with us in person when the need arises. This role begins with a 2-month probationary period will come packaged with a starting (take-home) basic salary of LKR 50,000.

At the end of this 2-Month period, should you prove yourself to be the right fit for SEVN, chances are that we’d be happy to offer you a full time role here at SEVN.

So how do I apply?

If all of this sounds like you and everything we mentioned sounds interesting, then we’d like to hear from you. Make sure you send us your CV + a covering letter telling us why you would be great for this role to We will decline your application if you do not send any of the two requirements mentioned so make sure you do. Once we receive your email, we will get back to you as soon as possible explaining next steps if we believe you are the right fit.

Good luck, thank you for your interest and have a brilliant day.